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The Budovec’s Last Prayer
28. 8. 1551 - 21. 6. 1621

The building, which houses this café, was built during the 14th century. The building first took gothic form while under the rule of Czech King and Roman Emperor Karel IV.  This building was originally a home that changed ownership several times until 1617 when it became the property of Lord Václav Budovec from Budov.  Václav Budovec’s original family residence was the Castle Budov near the city of Karlovy Vary.

It was to the demise of Václav Budovec that he participated in the battle against Emperor Ferdinand II.  However, Ferdinand Falcký, also called ”The Winter King” since he ruled for just a winter, proclaimed his rule. After the dramatic battle of Bílá Hora in 1620, together with 26 other lords, Lord Václav Budovec was
executed right in the Old Town Square on June 21st, 1621. 
Up until the very moment of execution Václav Budovec had hoped for forgiveness but to no avail.  Prior to his execution he had to listen to this statement:
”Václav Budovec, free citizen of Budov, whose arms and head shall be cut off, whose body will be cut in four peaces, is going to be hanged somewhere along the road!”
Before his execution, some clergy tried to convert Václav Budovec to Catholicism but it was without result.  According to his executioner, Mydlář, Sir Budovec showed no fear in walking to his death, even praying very vocally.

After his execution, his wife Anna Budovec took care of the house until the sale of it to Lady Maria of Nageroll in 1628. 

In the following centuries, the house has been rebuilt and redecorated several times as the new trends of architecture appeared.  Finally, the family Hlaváček, who were the owners of a famous accordion manufacturing business named ”Helligon”, acquired the home.










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